An innovative company focused on energy storage

Jiangsu Advanced Energy Storage Technology Co. LTD. is a subsidiary of ReneSola Technology, an innovative company focusing on the field of energy storage. It insists on providing high-quality energy storage systems, solutions and investment and financing services to its customers, and has rich experience in the design and development of industrial and commercial energy storage systems and project development, and is committed to becoming the world's leading vertically integrated, digital energy storage system service provider.

The principle of product quality first
  • Supply chain management

    A sound supply chain management system, strict auditing of supplier qualifications and continuous optimisation of supply channels.

  • Quality System Certification

    ISO9001 quality management system certification.

  • Production process control

    Advanced full production process tracking system, strict product testing process, third party quality certification.

Technological innovation as the first productive force
R&D Team

Postgraduate and doctoral degrees account for nearly half of the total.

With an international team of talented technical staff who focus on independent research and innovation.

Core - self-research

The PCS, BMS and EMS are all self-researched to ensure a strong coupling of safety and security between the systems, which helps in the fine management of the system, linkage protection control, electrical and fire safety.

  • Mission

    Driving a zero-carbon future and creating a smart life together

  • Vision

    To be an efficient and safe clean energy escort

  • Aims

    To provide customers with the highest quality products and services